J. Crum

Omaha based hip-hop artist J. Crum has just released his brand new single Vigilantes. The song is now available on everywhere online music can be streamed or purchased.

Crum worked with frequent collaborator Tory Hooks on the production of this song. Vigilantes is a hard hitting anthem with a soaring chorus exposing J. Crum’s. The message of Vigilantes is this, none of us would’ve of made it out of our mess if it wasn’t for someone answering the call.

Crum states, “I didn’t want Villains to be end of the story. I wanted to write something that communicates the feeling you have when you see someone else wrestling with what you were delivered from. What does it take for you to answer that call?”

Vigilantes is the first single from his upcoming project entitled “Vigilantes Vol 1”. Expect much more music coming from J. Crum this summer.

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